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"BSA is a fantastic community where all abilities and backgrounds can feel at home. Luckily this also applies to parent coaches like me! !Rain or shine, time spent on the field with my son and other aspiring young footballers is a simple, yet indispensable, joy that I never want to miss out on".

Erik Lindebo, BSA Soccer Coach

BSA Volunteer Coach's Program Guides and Materials

In addition to the training above, we are pleased to provide these additional resources! The BSA is committed to supporting our volunteer coaches and ensuring you have everything you need to work with your players on the pitch, the field or in the gym. Our sports program directors have compiled the resources below for your use. We encourage you to use these in creating your sessions so that the players are offered the best possible opportunity for success. If you have any questions, your sports program director will be happy to provide additional guidance.

Please note, these guides are available for current BSA coaches. Please log into your account to access the pages below.

BSA Online Volunteer Coach Training

Why does the BSA require Volunteer Coach Training?

The Brussels Sports Association, ASBL is committed to providing high quality, fun and safe sports programming for the youth that participate in our programs. The training is NOT designed to provide certification in first-aid or child-safeguarding, but rather to provide a basic overview and a baseline for appropriate behavior and interaction for our dedicated volunteers as they work closely with children and their families. Any questions should be directed to the BSA Managing Director.

When should a volunteer coach complete their training?

Our coaches are required to complete the training at the beginning of the first sports season for which they volunteer each year. Coaches will complete the training once per school year. For example, if you volunteer to coach Fall Soccer - you will be asked to complete the training in the fall, but you do not have to complete it again if you coach Winter Soccer or Spring Soccer. You will, however, complete the training again if you volunteer to coach soccer during the following school year. In other words, the training clock resets every school year.

What is included in the BSA Volunteer Coach Training?

The Volunteer Coach Training includes a series of short publicly available videos on basic first-aid, a series of child-safeguarding videos provided by the International School of Brussels, and information on BSA's policies. We have aimed to include videos created by reputable organizations. All videos are in English. Volunteers will need about 45 minutes to watch all of the videos and complete the final questionnaire and quizzes.

Accessing your Volunteer Coach Training materials:

CLICK HERE to access the pdf that will provide you with all of the necessary information for your BSA Volunteer Coach Training including links to videos you will watch as well as the final quiz.  The training is broken down into two parts: 1) Basic Health & First Aid, and 2) Child Safeguarding 

Thank you for being a part of the BSA Community!

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