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“It’s been a real privilege and pleasure to coach with the BSA. Seeing the young players develop over time, learning to enjoy the sport – both when winning and losing – and making new friends along the way makes every session a new adventure.”

Matt Carver, BSA Soccer Co-Director and Coach

Our offer

We offer soccer, basketball and baseball training in English to children coming from 45 different schools in Belgium.

Our ethos

BSA promotes fair play, skills development, and fun for children and their families. BSA believes in praise and positivity for every child, regardless of skill.

Our coaches

Every coach is a volunteer who gives their incredible time and energy to BSA. Interested in joining them?


Thanks to the generosity of the International Schools of Brussels, a majority of our training sessions and games take place at Kattenberg 19, 1170, Brussels, Belgium.


Visit the Register page to become a member of BSA and select from the available programs!

Overview of the sporting calendar

The BSA's sports seasons operate on the school calendar year. Some dates may be subject to change depending on programming needs and venue availability. For the latest registration news, please see the sections below. Contact us if you have additional inquiries. 

Please join our mailing list and follow our Facebook or Instagram page to stay up-to-date on the latest program news.


The BSA offers 3 Soccer Seasons 

Fall Soccer: Registration generally opens in August and the season is from September - November.

Winter Soccer: Registration generally opens in late November/early December and the season is from January - March.

Spring Soccer: Registration generally opens in March and the season is from April - June.

You can access the current SOCCER schedule HERE.


The BSA offers 1 Basketball Season in winter

Winter Basketball: Registration generally opens in late fall and operates from November/December thru March.

You can access the BASKETBALL schedule HERE.


The BSA offers 1 Baseball Season in spring and 1 indoor pre-season training clinic in the late winter

Pre-Season Indoor Baseball Clinic: 4-5 Sunday sessions

Spring Baseball: Registration usually open in March. The season runs from April thru June. 

You can access the BASEBALL schedule HERE

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