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BSA is really a wonderful organization and offers so much. So many kids think they are "past it" at such young ages. In the BSA kids can have a go at a new sport in a friendly supportive atmosphere. - Steve Cassidy, BSA Girls Soccer Coach

The Brussels Sports Association has expanded many times since its conception. It has grown from the original charter in 1958 of baseball only to include soccer (added in 1970) and basketball (added in 1979). Lacrosse clinics were offered for the first time in 2009. Membership has grown from 200 families in 1958 to more than 800 families representing more than 25 different nations today.

Our programs are often the first team experience for young athletes in Brussels. We emphasize developing athletic abilities along with a sense of fair play and team spirit.

The BSA is open to everyone and has children from over 45 different schools participating in its programs. Most of its activities are carried out at facilities made available by our partner international schools.

BSA Volunteers
BSA is a volunteer organization. Last year nearly 200 parents and family members volunteered to coach our teams, to prepare equipment bags and to help at BSA events. Volunteering for BSA is a great way to meet families from all over Brussels and a wonderful way to use your skills or learn new ones. Please consider volunteering for one or more of the positions listed below when you register your child for our programs.

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To register for a sport and team we ask that each family first sign up online to become a BSA Member Family.

It will only takes a few minutes and will make it much quicker to register multiple players and sports/seasons.

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