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BSA offers recreational soccer/football programs for youth aged 4 though 13. The program seasons listed below are subject to slight modifications due to venue availability and other program considerations. The most up-to-date registration information is available here.

Our fall soccer program runs from September through November.

Our winter soccer program runs from December through February.

Our spring soccer program runs from March to June.

Soccer FAQ

Q: Where do I find the season schedule?

A: You can access the current schedule HERE.   Alternatively, the schedule for the season is also located on the registration page for the season and is based on the age/team of the participant. 

*Please note:  Schedules are subject to change and last minute changes may not be immediately reflected on the calendar.  Always check with your coach if you are unsure of a training date.  Schedules for upcoming seasons may not be posted until registration opens.

Q: Where are the trainings held?

A: All of our programs are currently held on the fields of the International School of Brussels (ISB).

Q: My child has never played before, will he/she feel welcome?

A: Absolutely! BSA welcomes children of all experience levels and proudly supports kids in learning new sports.

Q: What should I do if my child is sick or otherwise cannot attend the training or a game?

A: Coaches are asked to share their contact information with team parents. Please let your coach know if your child cannot make his or her training session or game so that the coach can plan accordingly.

Q: Is it necessary to stay with my child during games and practices?

A:  BSA requires a parent or guardian to be present at practices and games for all children age 8 and under. For children aged 9-12 you must accompany your child to the field to be sure that a coach is present before leaving your child.  You must also be there to pick them up following the practice or game.

Q: What equipment will my child need?

A: Children should wear comfortable shorts, shirt along with soccer shoes with rubber cleats (no metal) and shin guards. For fall soccer – soccer jerseys are provided. For winter soccer, players should dress warmly as play outdoors, rain or shine.

Q: Where can we purchase soccer shoes and shin guards?

A: Soccer shoes and shin guards can be purchased at all major sporting goods stores in Belgium. For reasonably priced shoes we recommend Decathlon or Disport. Shin guards are widely available and can be purchased at most large retailers such as Cora, Carrefour, etc.

Q: Who are the coaches?

A: The BSA soccer coaches are dedicated volunteers (most often parents of players) who offer their time to support BSA in the mission of bringing quality, community-centered sports programming to any child who wishes to play – regardless of the child’s background or ability. Volunteer coaches participate in a volunteer coaches’ orientation prior to each season and are supported by the BSA Soccer Director and Managing Director in addressing any concerns. BSA relies on the dedication and generosity of our volunteer coaches and we welcome new parents to get involved – even if you haven’t played in years! Our Volunteer page offers more details about supporting BSA as a volunteer coach.

Q: How are teams selected?

A: Player allocations to teams are done systematically. As BSA believes fair play to be a key driver of our sports programs, we try to create balanced teams as much as possible. We do not hold tryouts yet rely on the information provided in your registration (e.g., age, skill level, years played) and our experience with returning players to make deliberate decisions about team placement. We strive to maintain a balance between genders, skill levels, and ages. Due to the complex nature of team allocation, we are not able to accommodate specific team requests (e.g. that your child be on the same team as their friends, siblings, or schoolmates). If you have concerns about the team on which your child has been placed, please contact us to discuss your concerns.

Q: Who should I contact if I have concerns or questions?

A: We are here to support you and answer your questions. You can contact our Soccer Director or Managing Director

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